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Special Driving Centers To Be Established In Lahore For Women

Special Driving Centers To Be Established In Lahore For Women

In Lahore, the Traffic Police have revealed plans to establish specialized centers within the provincial capital dedicated to providing driving training exclusively for women. This initiative, announced by Lahore’s inaugural Chief Traffic Officer, Ammara Athar, is designed with the goal of fostering independence and confidence among women in the realm of driving.

Ammara Athar emphasized that these training centers will offer women the opportunity to acquire skills in both motorcycle riding and car driving. The broader aim is to contribute to the enforcement of rule of law and enhance measures for preventing traffic accidents within the city. She highlighted the potential for a significant reduction in road accidents through increased adherence to traffic laws.

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In her efforts to oversee the implementation of these initiatives, CTO Ammara conducted visits to various Police Khidmat Markaz across the city. The purpose of these visits was to assess the efficiency and quality of services related to the issuance of learner licenses to the citizens. This hands-on approach by the Chief Traffic Officer reflects a commitment to ensuring that the services provided align with the intended objectives of promoting safe and responsible driving practices.

By establishing these specialized training centers for women, the Lahore Traffic Police aspire to contribute not only to the skill development of female drivers but also to the overall enhancement of road safety. This endeavor reflects a broader vision to empower women by enabling them to navigate the roads with competence and self-assurance.