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Sonam Bajwa Eager To Visit Pakistan

Sonam Bajwa Eager To Visit Pakistan

Renowned Indian actress Sonam Bajwa recently expressed her heartfelt desire to visit Pakistan. Well-known for her impactful roles in Punjabi cinema, she shared her sentiments during an interview with a local television network.

Sonam, celebrated for her memorable performances in popular Punjabi films, revealed her strong inclination to explore her neighboring country. Speaking in Punjabi, she conveyed, “I deeply yearn to visit Pakistan. I have numerous friends there, and I hope to make the journey soon. To all my fans watching and listening, I extend my love and gratitude for the affection you shower upon me.”

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Sonam’s words not only showcase her eagerness to immerse herself in Pakistan’s cultural richness but also highlight her warmth and appreciation for her audience across the border. As an artist deeply entrenched in the vibrant realm of Punjabi cinema, her sentiments resonate with the potential for artistic collaboration and the unifying power of the entertainment industry.

In response to the host’s inquiry about a message for her Pakistani fans, Sonam, with a radiant smile, enthusiastically stated, “I hold immense affection for my Pakistani fans and frequently interact with them on Twitter,” eliciting a chorus of excited cheers from the audience.