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Social Media Sensation Chahat Fateh Ali Khan To Contest in General Elections 2024

Social Media Sensation Chahat Fateh Ali Khan To Contest in General Elections 2024

Oh dear! In this country, the most unexpected and, at times, utterly unbelievable events tend to unfold, especially in the realms of meritocracy and politics, where eligibility often seems to take a back seat.

In the latest twist of events, a similar scenario has emerged, and yes, we’re referring to none other than our self-proclaimed singer, Chahat Fateh Ali Khan, who has now decided to dive headfirst into the world of politics. What can we do but laugh and take it in with a touch of bewilderment?

The social media sensation, Chahat Fateh Ali Khan, recently took to his ‘X’ social media handle to announce his intention to contest the upcoming general election from the National Assembly Constituency NA-128 in Lahore. Alas! Once again.

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan shared a video of himself on social media, featuring his usual ‘cringe’ style. In the video, he greets with an Assalamualaikum, provides his introduction, which is redundant by now, and delivers a ‘blast,’ asserting that he has filed nomination papers for the 2024 elections to spread joy among the people. What’s hard to digest is his claim that he made this effort solely for us.

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Oh my! When did we request this, Chahat?

Watch the video further if you dare, and brace yourselves with resilience.

As expected, the feedback is in, with internet users both laughing and feeling a sense of trauma over this almost unbelievable incident. Get ready for that.