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Sindh Caretaker Government Declares December 25 as Public Holiday

Sindh Caretaker Government Declares December 25 as Public Holiday

The interim administration in Sindh has officially designated December 25th as a public holiday to commemorate Quaid-e-Azam Day and Christmas.

In a notification issued on Monday, the provincial government stated that the initial day of the upcoming week would be a day off for all personnel, including officers, autonomous bodies, semi-autonomous bodies, corporations, and local councils under the administrative jurisdiction of the Sindh government, with the exception of those involved in essential services.

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Contrary to local media reports, the caretaker government, in its notification, did not make any declarations regarding December 26 as a public holiday for the Christian community in celebration of Christmas.

Anticipations are high that the federal government and other provincial administrations will also declare a public holiday to mark Quaid-e-Azam Day.

It is noteworthy that December 25 had previously been designated as a non-working day by the Cabinet Division in the holiday list released at the commencement of this year.