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SHC Chief Justice Mandates Social Media App Restoration, Including X

SHC Chief Justice Mandates Social Media App Restoration, Including X

The Sindh High Court (SHC) has issued an order for the restoration of various social media applications, including X, which was previously identified as Twitter. The decision came during a hearing presided over by Chief Justice Aqeel Ahmad Abbasi, who was overseeing a case challenging the suspension of internet services in the country.

The legal representative of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) informed the court that the PTA had received instructions from the Ministry of Information to deactivate internet services nationwide on the day of polling. This directive was conveyed through a letter from the Interior Ministry, and the PTA complied with the instructions accordingly.

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Chief Justice Abbasi expressed dissatisfaction with the actions of the PTA and questioned the rationale behind suspending internet services on election day. He raised concerns about the impact of such disruptions on the democratic process, criticizing the hindrance it posed to election campaigns and public participation.

During the proceedings, Chief Justice Abbasi pointed out a discrepancy in the PTA’s submission, noting that the written response mentioned May 9. The PTA counsel clarified that internet services were restored by May 16.

In response to the dissatisfaction expressed by Chief Justice Abbasi, the PTA counsel, and the court order, the Chief Justice instructed the reinstatement of internet services. The hearing was adjourned until March 5.

This development reflects the judiciary’s intervention to address concerns related to the suspension of internet services during the election period and underscores the importance of ensuring uninterrupted communication and information flow, especially in the context of democratic processes. The court’s decision to order the restoration of social media applications aligns with the principles of freedom of expression and access to information, essential elements in a democratic society.