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Sehar Ijaz Achieves Historic Win In Gold Coast

Sehar Ijaz Achieves Historic Win In Gold Coast

In a significant achievement, Sehar Ijaz has made history as the first Pakistani woman to not only receive a nomination but also secure the prestigious Gold Coast Student Excellence Award.

Originally from Lahore, Pakistan, Sehar has broken barriers and established an extraordinary precedent in the realm of international student recognition. Her journey to this esteemed accolade commenced with a notable victory at the National Amateur Short Film Festival in Pakistan (NASFF) last year, where she emerged as one of the Top 15 filmmakers.

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After completing her education at a women’s university with a major in media studies, Sehar not only excelled academically but also dedicated three years to voluntary work with various societies. Her commitment to promoting creative arts and addressing educational disparities in Baluchistan is particularly commendable.

As the President of the Kinnaird Literacy Society in her final year, Sehar led a campaign that collected and donated over 3,000 books to girls’ schools, colleges, and libraries in a region where educational access, especially for women, is limited. Her dedication to making a positive impact on society distinguishes her as a filmmaker with a purpose.

Sehar’s rise to this pinnacle of success is truly remarkable. Following her recognition at NASFF, she earned a fully funded scholarship at the New York Film Academy (NYFA), generously sponsored by DP World. Sehar’s journey from Pakistan to the global stage of filmmaking is a fusion of talent, determination, and an unwavering commitment to her craft.

At NYFA, Sehar continued to distinguish herself academically and as a supportive figure for her fellow students in their filmmaking endeavors. Her nomination for the Gold Coast Excellence Student Award in Fostering Creative Arts reflects her unique background and outstanding achievements. While several NYFA students have been nominated in the past five years, none have clinched the coveted prize. Sehar Ijaz, however, exudes confidence and determination, poised to break this streak and bring the esteemed accolade to Pakistan.

Her victory not only signifies a personal accomplishment but also marks a transformative moment for Pakistani women aspiring to make a lasting impact on the global stage of entertainment and filmmaking.