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Top 7 Pakistani Food Bloggers Who Ensure Best Eating

Top 7 Pakistani Food Bloggers Who Ensure Best Eating
Pakistan’s food scene is brimming with renowned eateries, drawing crowds with delectable dishes. Checking reviews before dining is common, and honest food bloggers play a crucial role. Pakistan boasts numerous such bloggers, and these 7 accounts, among others, provide comprehensive reviews on the latest hotspots. Browse through to discover and find out if they’ve explored some of your must-visit places.

1. Irfan Junejo 


Irfan, known for crafting food trailers, stands out as a prominent Pakistani food blogger. His passion for diverse cuisines, engaging videos, and numerous reviews has elevated him to fame. Following Irfan guarantees a collection of delicious details for your next outing with friends in Karachi. If you haven’t done so yet, give him a follow for delectable and mouth-watering content on your feed.

2. Hamza Bhatti

If you’re not familiar with the phrase ‘Dadho Mazo Ayo,’ it’s time to update your Instagram feed. Hamza Bhatti has gained international recognition for his captivating food reviews spanning various locations in Pakistan. Despite being situated in Islamabad, he has made a mark nationwide, exploring cities like Karachi, Lahore, Quetta, Rawalpindi, and many others. With a follower count exceeding 400 thousand, Hamza’s popularity is rapidly increasing. Pause your current activities and promptly follow this influential blogger.

3. thefoodiefreakfromislamabad

For trendy recipes and the latest deals in Islamabad, Mahnoor Saad is the go-to person. Alongside aesthetically pleasing images of her delicious creations, she shares the hottest offers to help you explore the city with your friends. When you’re in need of dinner aesthetic inspiration, Mahnoor’s page is worth checking out!
Rely on Zulekha to provide you with insights into the most popular street foods in Karachi. Her Instagram is brimming with vibrant reels, reviews, and a compilation of locations for you and your friends to explore every weekend. Additionally, she hosts fantastic giveaways, so be sure to follow her immediately!

5. islamabadfoodgram 

If you’re in search of dining options in Islamabad, make sure to keep an eye on Aymen Ahmed. In addition to sharing irresistibly tempting reels, Aymen also provides her own recipes that will elevate your culinary experience. Her visually appealing videos, delightful recipes, and global adventures are sure to capture your interest, prompting you to follow all her social media accounts!

6. foodstagrampk

Ali Motiwala, a food blogger based in Karachi, shares delectable posts featuring a variety of places he explores. Beyond showcasing mouth-watering dishes, he also presents tempting recipes that are certainly worth experimenting with. Not confined to Karachi alone, Ali ventures to diverse locations across Pakistan, London, Dubai, and various other foodie hotspots. To stay informed about the hottest spots in Karachi and discover their specialties, be sure to keep Ali Motiwala on your feed.77

7. chaayebiscuit 

Situated in Islamabad, this food blogger provides comprehensive information about various hotspots in the capital. Whether it’s the trendiest street food locations or the most delightful burger spots, Chaayebiscuit is a must-follow for enticing reels and a curated list of places to explore on your next outing with friends.