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Lahore Revises Market Timings Ahead Of Christmas

Lahore Revises Market Timings Ahead Of Christmas

LAHORE – As Christmas approaches, people in Pakistan are actively engaged in festive season shopping. In anticipation of the annual celebration, the Lahore High Court has granted permission for all businesses to operate until midnight.

The directive from Lahore High Court Judge Justice Shahid Karim came during a hearing on a petition related to addressing smog-related issues. In its ruling, the court has permitted markets and malls to extend their operating hours until midnight on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, as the final preparations for Christmas celebrations are underway.

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Previously, the provincial government had implemented stringent measures in Lahore, as the city continued to be ranked among the most polluted cities globally, with air quality reaching hazardous levels. Lahore, once renowned as the “City of Gardens,” grapples with pollution, exacerbated by long queues of vehicles clogging major arteries, especially in business hubs like Gulberg.

Against the backdrop of deteriorating air quality, experts have sounded warnings about the potential threat to public health. The extension of business hours during this festive season aims to accommodate the increased shopping activities and allow people to make the most of the holiday preparations. The court’s decision aligns with efforts to balance economic activities with health concerns, offering a practical solution to facilitate the community during the festive period.