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Election 2024

Punjab To Enlist Retired Army, Police For Elections 2024 Security

Punjab To Enlist Retired Army, Police For Elections 2024 Security

In preparation for the general elections scheduled for February 8, authorities in Punjab have opted to enlist the support of retired officials from the Pakistan Army and police to reinforce security measures.

According to reports, a significant contingent of more than 53,000 officials from various departments, including the army and police, has been designated to fulfill security duties on Election Day, working in collaboration with existing security personnel.

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In a notable move, employees from diverse departments such as rescue, civil defense, forest, and irrigation have received instructions to report to district police officers (DPOs), who will then assign them specific duties related to the electoral process.

This strategic decision marks a departure from previous election practices where approximately 66,000 volunteers were temporarily hired for security purposes. However, this time, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) for Punjab, Usman Anwar, has opted to mobilize all available government officials to assume security duties during the electoral process.

With Pakistan gearing up for the voting day on February 8, political parties are actively engaged in extensive election campaigns to sway voters in their favor. The deployment of a comprehensive security force, comprising retired army and police officials along with personnel from various government departments, underscores the significance of ensuring a secure and orderly electoral environment.

The decision to involve retired officials from the Pakistan Army and police aligns with the aim of enhancing the overall security apparatus during the electoral process. These experienced individuals bring valuable expertise and discipline to the security efforts, contributing to a robust and vigilant environment on Election Day.

By utilizing a diverse workforce from multiple government departments, authorities aim to cover a wide spectrum of security responsibilities, ensuring that the electoral proceedings are safeguarded from potential threats or disruptions. The coordination with district police officers reflects a strategic approach to assigning duties and managing resources effectively.

As the election day approaches, the collaborative efforts of the security personnel, including retired officials, will play a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity of the democratic process. The decision to mobilize government officials for security duties signifies a proactive approach to address potential challenges and uphold the principles of a free and fair election.

In conclusion, the decision by Punjab authorities to enlist retired officials from the Pakistan Army and police, along with personnel from various government departments, for security duties during the upcoming general elections highlights a strategic move to bolster the security infrastructure. This approach seeks to ensure a comprehensive and vigilant security environment, essential for the smooth conduct of the electoral process on February 8. The active engagement of political parties in election campaigns further underscores the significance of a secure and orderly democratic exercise in Pakistan.