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Punjab Sees Drop In 20kg Flour Cost

Punjab Sees Drop In 20kg Flour Cost

In Punjab, the cost of a 20-kilogram flour bag has experienced a notable decrease due to the declining prices of wheat in the open market. Flour mills have implemented a reduction of Rs200 for the 20kg bag, which marks the second price cut within eight days, following an earlier decrease of Rs80.

Presently, the prices for 20kg flour bags across various brands range from Rs2,400 to Rs2,565, indicating a drop below the government-set rates of Rs2,790. This adjustment aligns with the recent decrease in wheat prices observed in the open market. Forecasts suggest that the support price for newly harvested wheat could potentially be established at Rs3,500 per mound.

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In addition to price adjustments, the government has taken steps to ensure the quality of flour by introducing foolproof screening measures for every flour bag.