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PTI Unveils ‘Plan B’ Amidst Bat Symbol Dispute

PTI Unveils 'Plan B' Amidst Bat Symbol Dispute

On Tuesday, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Barrister Gohar Ali Khan unveiled ‘Plan B,’ the party’s contingency strategy in case the ongoing dispute over the iconic bat symbol persists.

Speaking at a press conference outside the Peshawar High Court, Mr. Gohar expressed confidence in a positive court decision, anticipating that it would facilitate the timely distribution of tickets to deserving PTI candidates.

“If all goes according to plan, tickets will be allocated to deserving candidates by January 12,” Mr. Gohar added optimistically.

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Underscoring PTI’s commitment to fairness, Barrister Gohar clarified that the party has no alliances with other political entities. He also emphasized the party’s dedication to gender equality by ensuring a higher representation of women in the ticket distribution process.

In a parallel development, the Peshawar High Court deferred the hearing on the PTI intra-party election and election symbol case until 9 am the following day. Justices Ijaz Anwar and Arshad Ali presided over the proceedings, with Shah Faisal Utmankhel representing PTI and Sikandar Shah Mohmand appearing on behalf of the Election Commission.

During the session, PTI’s legal counsel requested a brief adjournment due to the imminent arrival of party leader Barrister Gohar Khan. Simultaneously, the Election Commission’s lawyer informed the court of their submitted response. Justice Ejaz Anwar advised the Election Commission to promptly present their response, leading to a temporary break in the proceedings.

Upon resumption, the court highlighted concerns about objectionable lawyers participating in the proceedings. The petitioner expressed difficulty in securing legal representation due to an ongoing lawyers’ strike. However, Justice Ejaz Anwar clarified the court’s independence from external matters.

The Election Commission’s lawyer stated that on the 13th, election symbols would be allocated to candidates. In the event PTI fails to secure a symbol, the candidates would be considered independent. The high court granted interim relief to PTI during this period.

Justice Arshad Ali proposed a swift resolution to eliminate the need for Supreme Court intervention. Qazi Anwar, an advocate, apologized for Barrister Gauhar’s delay, and Justice Ejaz Anwar urged punctuality, emphasizing no further delays.

Subsequently, the court adjourned the hearing until 1:15 PM, issuing a stern warning against further delays and asserting the need for timely proceedings, indicating the court’s commitment to expeditiously resolving the case.