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PTI To Appeal Toshakhana Verdict In Court

PTI To Appeal Toshakhana Verdict In Court

Accusing the justice system of selectively penalizing politicians to appease a specific leader, Barrister Gohar declared the intention to appeal the verdict in the high court. He highlighted the absence of court-sanctioned cross-examination in the case, emphasizing that Bushra Bibi had no direct involvement since she did not personally accept any gifts.

Asserting that the sentencing of Bushra Bibi aimed to exert pressure on the PTI founder, Gohar lamented the denial of their right to a proper defense. Despite the setback, he expressed optimism in the superior courts’ ability to uphold justice and called on PTI supporters to remain calm, assuring them that the ordeal would eventually conclude. Gohar reiterated the party’s commitment to participating in upcoming elections.

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The previous day, the Islamabad High Court (IHC) validated the notification for Khan’s jail trial in the Toshakhana and £190 million settlement cases. The court dismissed PTI founder’s petitions challenging the jail trial initiated by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB). The court justified the necessity of the jail trial based on the petitioner’s purported life-threatening circumstances, rejecting any allegations of malicious intent.