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PTI Hosts Pakistan’s First Live TikTok Rally

PTI Hosts Pakistan's First Live TikTok Rally

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has initiated its election campaign, opting for an unconventional approach to engage voters ahead of the February 8 polls, despite Imran Khan’s absence.

Having conducted its first-ever virtual political rallies, PTI recently organized another online rally, this time on TikTok – a popular short video sharing platform with over 48 million users in Pakistan. Encouraging followers to attend the live TikTok rally, PTI aims to make history once again.

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Previously, PTI conducted two virtual Jalsas, streamed on social platforms and attended by thousands, overcoming internet disruptions. Notably, these online rallies featured AI-generated speeches from Imran Khan, who has been in jail since August last year.

However, the fate of the TikTok rally remains uncertain, given that TikTok Live is not currently functional in Pakistan. PTI has previously asserted that authorities intentionally throttled the internet to impede access to the rally.

This innovative approach by PTI reflects a willingness to adapt to digital platforms for political outreach. The utilization of AI-generated speeches and the exploration of platforms like TikTok demonstrate a strategic effort to connect with voters, especially in the face of challenges posed by physical gatherings and internet disruptions. As the political landscape evolves, PTI’s unconventional methods may set new precedents for engaging voters in the digital age.