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Election 2024

PTI Demands Judicial Probe Into Election Rigging Allegations

PTI Demands Judicial Probe Into Election Rigging Allegations

The Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) has called for the establishment of a judicial commission to thoroughly investigate the startling allegations made by Liaquat Ali Chatha, the commissioner of Rawalpindi. Gohar Khan, a prominent figure in the party, conducted a press conference alongside Omar Ayub, expressing the need for a judicial inquiry into Chatha’s claims of manipulating election results.

During the press conference, Khan and Ayub emphasized the significance of a transparent investigation to address the serious allegations raised by Chatha. They called for a judicial commission to look into the matter thoroughly and ensure a fair and impartial inquiry.

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The PTI leaders also voiced their concerns over reported harassment by the police but affirmed their commitment to raising their voices with the support of the masses. Additionally, they asserted their determination to form the government at both the federal and provincial levels, claiming to have won 180 seats in the recently held elections.

Providing a breakdown of their electoral performance, Khan disclosed that the PTI secured 115 seats in Punjab, 16 in Sindh, 42 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), and four in Balochistan. These numbers, according to Khan, underscored the PTI’s strong performance across various regions of the country.

Omar Ayub, in his remarks, expressed gratitude to the incarcerated PTI founder, acknowledging the consideration for the role of Prime Minister. He highlighted the importance of issuing notifications for all candidates and raised concerns about alleged seat theft in Sindh’s capital, Karachi, suggesting that MQM had reportedly taken 18 to 19 seats unlawfully.

The press conference aimed to shed light on the PTI’s perspective regarding the recent elections and the serious accusations made by the Rawalpindi commissioner. The party leaders stressed the need for a comprehensive and impartial inquiry to ensure the integrity of the electoral process and address any irregularities that may have occurred.

The call for a judicial commission reflects the PTI’s commitment to transparency and accountability in the democratic process, seeking an independent body to investigate and validate the election results. The unfolding developments underscore the complexity and challenges associated with the post-election scenario in Pakistan.