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PTI Declines Government’s Conditional Dialogue Proposal

PTI Declines Government's Conditional Dialogue Proposal

PTI responded sharply on Saturday to the ruling coalition’s conditional offers for dialogue, reaffirming Imran Khan’s post-election stance against engaging in talks with PML-N, PPP, or MQM-P.

In a statement, a PTI spokesperson criticized Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) Governor Faisal Karim Kundi for their statements regarding talks, labeling them as “absurd.”

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The spokesperson emphasized that those who were “fraudulently imposed” lacked the legitimacy to negotiate with PTI, highlighting the party’s rejection of any dialogue under such circumstances.

This response from PTI came shortly after Dar’s assertion that talks would not be entertained with those who attacked state institutions, considering such actions as acts of rebellion. Similarly, Kundi expressed openness to dialogue with PTI if the party apologized for past actions.

PTI’s spokesperson vehemently rejected Dar and Kundi’s overtures, describing them as “mandate-stealing puppets” with no authority to engage in talks. He emphasized that those who came to power through alleged electoral fraud and forged documents had no credibility or legitimacy.

The spokesperson criticized the ruling alliance, particularly the Sharifs and Zardari’s allies, for their constant propaganda campaigns, viewing them as signs of their impending downfall.

Furthermore, he underscored Imran Khan’s stance against engaging in dialogue with parties he deemed to have obtained power through illegitimate means, stressing the need for accountability and the return of the public mandate.

In conclusion, PTI maintained its position against talks with parties it accused of electoral malpractice and urged them to rectify their actions rather than seeking dialogue under dubious circumstances.