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Dr. Affan Qaiser Issues Apology to Maria B Regarding LGBTQ Comments

Dr. Affan Qaiser Issues Apology to Maria B Regarding LGBTQ Comments

Renowned Pakistani transplant hepatologist and gastroenterologist, Dr. Affan Qaiser, has issued an apology to fashion designer Maria B for his remarks regarding LGBTQ issues.

Dr. Qaiser recently appeared on Farukh Warraich’s podcast, where he expressed regret for a video he had previously made against Maria B. Reflecting on the matter, he admitted, “I am truly ashamed of the video I made against Maria B. After speaking against her, I felt really bad. My friend and Islamic podcaster Ali informed me that things about Maria B are actually different. I personally like Maria B as well. I received a video against her from my research team, so I decided to make a video.”

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He further elaborated, “I made the video, which garnered millions of views, and believe me, my intention was not to target Maria B. I just couldn’t agree with her. This is the only video that made me feel embarrassed afterward. I want to acknowledge that I was wrong.”

However, Dr. Affan Qaiser’s apology video has stirred strong reactions from the public. Many social media users argue that his most harmful video was the one about fruit vendors, where he accused them of injecting color into watermelons, causing significant harm to customers.

It is important to note that Dr. Affan Qaiser had previously shared a video on his official Facebook account criticizing the renowned fashion designer Maria B. In the video, he showcased a clip of Maria B advocating for LGBTQ inclusion in fashion shows.