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Proposal Suggests Increased Gas Prices In Sindh And Balochistan

Proposal Suggests Increased Gas Prices In Sindh And Balochistan

Sui Southern Gas Company has proposed a potential gas price hike for consumers in Sindh and Balochistan starting from the upcoming fiscal year. The proposal entails raising gas prices effective July 1, 2024. Specifically, SSGC has requested an increase of Rs 274.40 per MMBtu, aiming to establish the new average gas price at Rs 1740.80.

The request also outlines Sui Southern’s projected revenue shortfall, totaling Rs 79.63 billion. This comprises Rs 56.69 billion for local gas and Rs 22.93 billion and 50 lakhs for RLNG shortfall. Ogra is scheduled to conduct a hearing on Sui Southern’s proposal in Karachi, with another hearing slated for Quetta on March 20.

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Additionally, Ogra notes a requested increase of Rs. 49.63 per MMBtu in the RLNG sector. Consequently, the overall proposed increase amounts to Rs. 324 per MMBtu for local gas and RLNG combined.

In summary, Sui Southern Gas Company’s submission signals the potential for higher gas prices in Sindh and Balochistan, prompting regulatory hearings to evaluate the proposal’s merits and implications.