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Election 2024

PPP Vows Economic Growth, Poverty Reduction In 2024 Manifesto

PPP Vows Economic Growth, Poverty Reduction In 2024 Manifesto

In Karachi, the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) unveiled its comprehensive election manifesto under the banner “Chuno Nai Soch Ko” as the 2024 general elections approach. PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, spearheading the extensive election campaign nationwide, shared this announcement through a social media post on X, previously known as Twitter.

Outlined in the manifesto is the PPP’s commitment to revitalizing and constructing an economy through substantial structural reforms aimed at fostering inclusive and sustainable growth. The party envisions a development plan that caters to the well-being of all citizens, both in the present and future. A central promise is to eradicate hunger and extreme poverty, freeing the populace from essential threats to survival.

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The manifesto articulates the PPP’s dedication to addressing key deprivations such as hunger, inadequate healthcare, lack of secure shelter, and the adverse impacts of climate stress, acknowledging these as fundamental to human survival. The party emphasizes the importance of unlocking Pakistan’s IT sector’s full potential, particularly in IT and IT-enabled services (ITES), through a comprehensive strategy aligned with the PPP’s economic policy. This entails substantial investments in IT infrastructure, particularly in underserved regions, to bridge the digital divide.

A core aspect of the manifesto revolves around fostering a culture of accountability and transparency in handling public funds, promoting an open government that is answerable to its constituents. The PPP is poised to build resilience against the imminent threats posed by climate stress, environmental degradation, pollution, and waste, prioritizing measures to counter these challenges.

The manifesto articulates the party’s commitment to restoring Pakistan’s standing on the global stage by centering engagement on the collective aspirations of the people. It highlights trade-driven growth, economic prosperity, and the positive outcomes of geo-economic policies as key focal points.

In summary, the PPP’s election manifesto for 2024 encompasses a comprehensive vision for Pakistan’s future, aiming at economic revitalization, social welfare, technological advancement, environmental sustainability, and global recognition. As the elections draw near, the party’s pledge to address crucial issues and institute transformative reforms signals its commitment to shaping a more prosperous and inclusive future for the nation.