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Election 2024

Police Respond As PTI Plans Power Show

Police Respond As PTI Plans Power Show

As Pakistan approaches the upcoming general elections next month, the beleaguered Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is preparing for its first nationwide demonstration since the events of May 9. While other political parties are actively campaigning, holding rallies across the country to attract voters, PTI appears to be less visible on the streets, facing an unprecedented crackdown on its leaders.

With just two weeks remaining until the general elections, PTI leadership has instructed all ticket holders to organize rallies and public meetings in their respective constituencies. Despite challenges, the party, led by Imran Khan, plans to launch its manifesto addressing major national issues. Imran Khan, who has been in jail since August of the previous year, directed all ticket holders to mobilize on the streets, and his sister conveyed this message to party workers and ticket holders.

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Amid reports that some party leaders are in hiding to avoid the crackdown, it is noted that several, including a former Punjab governor, have been arrested ahead of the planned rally. The government imposed section 144 in Lahore, the home ground of PML-N, ahead of the elections. This marks the first time PTI leaders are gathering on the streets since the events of May 9, a period marred by attacks on civil and military installations.

Facing a media blackout leading up to the polls, PTI attempted to overcome these challenges with the country’s first-ever online Jalsa, an attempt to energize voters. However, the online event encountered significant disruptions due to internet and social media site malfunctions.