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PIA Loses Another Valuable Entity To Canada

PIA Loses Another Valuable Entity To Canada

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has encountered another instance of a “human resource asset” relocating to Canada, marking the potential first occurrence of such an event this year. The incident occurred when a PIA flight from Islamabad arrived in Toronto on Wednesday, and Faiza Mukhtar, a stewardess, went missing upon arrival.

Faiza Mukhtar was part of the crew assigned to flight PK 781, and her disappearance was confirmed by the carrier’s management. Following the incident, PIA suspended the flight attendant and called on Canadian authorities to take appropriate action against her.

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This occurrence adds to a series of incidents involving flight attendants disappearing upon arrival in Canada from Pakistan. In a similar incident last year, Ramzan Gul, a crew member, vanished after the national flag carrier’s flight PK-798 landed in Toronto. Additionally, in 2018, PIA air hostess Fareeha Mukhtar also went missing in Canada and later sought asylum.

Despite these repeated incidents, a permanent solution to address such occurrences has yet to be implemented. The situation is further complicated by the fact that most of the crew members who disappear in Canada are associated with PIA, a state-owned enterprise that is currently facing financial challenges and is in the process of being privatized by the government.

The recurring nature of these incidents not only tarnishes the reputation of the country but also poses a challenge for the national carrier. The government’s plans to privatize PIA add an additional layer of complexity to the situation, as the airline is currently at risk of closure. Authorities continue to grapple with finding a comprehensive solution to prevent such incidents, which not only impact the airline’s operations but also contribute to a negative image for Pakistan on the international stage.