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Pakistan Restricts Doctors From Practicing Aesthetic Medicine Without Training

Pakistan Restricts Doctors From Practicing Aesthetic Medicine Without Training

In a recent update from the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC), new guidelines have been introduced regarding the practice of aesthetic medicine, highlighting concerns about the lack of training among cosmetic practitioners in the country. The regulatory authority for doctors issued a statement emphasizing that only individuals with specific qualifications, namely a degree and diploma in aesthetic medicine, will be authorized to engage in the practice of aesthetic medicine and aesthetic surgeries.

Currently, there is a prevalence of general practitioners, including those with MBBS and BDS degrees, involved in aesthetic medicine across various regions in Pakistan. However, with the new regulations, participation in aesthetic medicine courses and workshops will be limited to registered practitioners recognized by the PMDC. This measure is aimed at ensuring a higher standard of expertise and competence in the field.

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Furthermore, the statement specifies that only doctors approved by the PMDC will be permitted to perform aesthetic procedures. To enforce these guidelines, Health Care Commissioners have been instructed to conduct inspections of medical facilities offering aesthetic medicine and surgery. Strict actions will be taken against those found to be in violation of these regulations.

The move by the PMDC reflects a commitment to enhance the quality and safety of aesthetic medical practices in Pakistan. By restricting participation to qualified and registered practitioners, the regulatory body aims to address concerns related to untrained individuals administering aesthetic procedures, ultimately safeguarding the well-being of patients and maintaining professional standards within the field of aesthetic medicine.

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