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Pakistan Offers Brief-Term Hajj Service For Pilgrims

Pakistan Offers Brief-Term Hajj Service For Pilgrims

Aneeq Ahmed, the interim federal minister for religious affairs and interfaith harmony, expressed optimism about providing Pakistani pilgrims with an unprecedented Hajj experience this year, featuring enhanced facilities. Speaking at the commencement of the training session for pilgrims at the Darul Hajj Haji Camp on Wednesday, he revealed that all female pilgrims would be equipped with Abayas adorned with the Pakistani flag.

The minister announced that a transparent selection process had identified fortunate pilgrims through a draw, and their training commenced on February 12. Emphasizing that Hajj pilgrims are considered guests of Allah and ambassadors of Pakistan, he assured that they would benefit from advanced facilities.

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Highlighting that this year’s Hajj would set an example for Pakistani pilgrims, offering amenities not seen in previous years, he responded to queries by stating that, for the first time in the nation’s history, a short-term Hajj facility is being introduced in Pakistan.

To prevent any loss of belongings, each pilgrim will be provided with a green suitcase containing a QR code. Additionally, Hajj participants will receive a free SIM card with 180 international calling minutes and 7GB of data, facilitating easy communication with their loved ones.

In a noteworthy move, women in Pakistan will receive free Abayas adorned with the Pakistani flag this year, contributing to the nation’s identity. Aneeq Ahmed urged Hajj pilgrims to pray for the well-being, prosperity, and elevation of the nation during the pilgrimage rituals.