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Pakistan Mulls Resuming Trade With India

Pakistan Mulls Resuming Trade With India

Tensions persist between Islamabad and New Delhi, but Pakistan’s newly appointed Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar has suggested the possibility of restoring trade relations.

Trade between the two nuclear-armed nations was halted by Pakistan in 2019 in response to New Delhi’s decision to revoke the special status of Jammu and Kashmir. Since then, formal trade ties have been non-existent

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However, Dar recently hinted at reassessing trade relations with India. He noted that the Pakistani business community has shown interest in trading with India, prompting the government to consider the matter through consultations with relevant stakeholders.

Dar made these remarks during a visit to London, where he underscored the challenges posed by the Modi government’s actions in August 2019 regarding Indian-occupied Kashmir.

He mentioned that despite the trade suspension, imports from New Delhi are still occurring through intermediary countries, leading to additional costs. Dar expressed openness to resuming trade, stressing the importance of dialogue and peaceful coexistence with India, as altering neighboring countries is not feasible.