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Country Marks Pakistan Day Displaying Military Strength

Country Marks Pakistan Day Displaying Military Strength

In Islamabad, Pakistanis are observing National Day with a military parade, drawing crowds to the heart of the capital to witness a vibrant display showcasing the nation’s military prowess and heritage.

Today, Saturday, marks Pakistan Day, a time for the nation to recommit to progress and stability. This day commemorates the adoption of the historic Lahore Resolution in 1940, laying the groundwork for a separate homeland for the Muslims of South Asia.

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The day kicked off with 31-gun salutes in the capital and 21-gun salutes in provincial capitals, accompanied by special prayers for the country’s prosperity and unity. Government buildings proudly raised the national flag.

The centerpiece of the celebrations is the grand military parade in Islamabad, featuring contingents from the armed forces and security forces, alongside aerobatic displays by fighter planes.

An investiture ceremony is scheduled at Aiwan-e-Sadar, where President Asif Ali Zardari will confer medals upon individuals for their exceptional contributions.

Radio Pakistan and PTV are airing special programs, highlighting the significance of the day and paying tribute to the leaders of the Pakistan Movement.