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Pakistan Cricket Team Players Are Not Happy With Hafeez’s Strict Restrictions

Pakistan Cricket Team Players Are Not Happy With Hafeez's Strict Restrictions

Players of the Pakistan cricket team have voiced their dissatisfaction with the stringent regulations enforced by National Team Director Mohammad Hafeez during their ongoing tour in Australia.

The recently introduced Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have sparked significant debate and concern among the players.

Hafeez has implemented strict regulations, adopting a zero-tolerance approach towards inactivity. This includes imposing a substantial $500 penalty for players caught sleeping during a match or displaying signs of disinterest. These measures aim to promote professionalism and focus.

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However, some players have expressed discontent, comparing the severity of these rules to the stringent protocols typically associated with Under-16 teams.

In response to these concerns, Hafeez has defended the SOPs, emphasizing the importance of the current tour and the need to uphold exceptional standards. He encourages players to remain active and engaged, especially in public areas, to avoid any perception of lack of interest or energy.