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Pakistan-China Trade Resumes As Khunjerab Pass Reopens

Pakistan-China Trade Resumes As Khunjerab Pass Reopens

The reopening of Khunjerab Pass, a vital trade route, signals the start of a new trade season after a four-month winter hiatus. More than a dozen trucks from China entered Pakistan, marking the resumption of trade activities between the two countries. Extreme cold during winter had rendered the border between Gilgit Baltistan and China’s Xinjiang region impassable.

A ceremony was held to celebrate the commencement of the new trade season, with the CEO of AJ International Cargo and local politicians welcoming the trade convoys from Xinjiang. Business representatives from Gilgit-Baltistan also attended the event. On the first day, 15 containers carrying commercial goods crossed into Pakistan.

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Prior to the closure, the pass facilitated the entry of over 400 containers into Pakistan over a six-month period, generating Rs5.45 billion in customs revenue. The reopening of trade routes has also provided employment opportunities for locals, as highlighted by former Gilgit Assembly member Javed Hussain, who urged the federal government to keep the pass open year-round for commercial traffic.

Pakistan and China share a strong bilateral relationship, with China being a major investor in Pakistan. China’s investments in Pakistan, particularly under the Belt and Road Initiative, have been significant.