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Pakistan Calls On Developed Nations For 100b Dollars Climate Finance

Pakistan Calls On Developed Nations For $100b Climate Finance

Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaarul Kakar has appealed to developed nations to provide ample, additional, and assured grant-based climate finance to help developing countries tackle the challenges of climate change.

Speaking at the 28th Conference of Parties of the United Nations in Dubai, he emphasized the importance of fulfilling the $100 billion commitment for climate finance. He insisted that such financial support should not come at the expense of development finance or contribute to the already burdensome debt of developing nations.

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Kakar urged developed countries to lead in enhancing global mitigation efforts and assist developing nations in doing the same. He emphasized the need for a framework for the global goal on adaptation, with clear targets, indicators, and regular progress monitoring, proposing that at least half of climate finance should be dedicated to adaptation.