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Telenor  is a global company that was a pioneer in offering digital services, including data and voice packages. In Pakistan, it has the biggest network. It offers prepaid and postpaid packages to customers.

Let’s talk about the Telenor SMS Packages, which include the Telenor Weekly SMS Packages and Telenor Monthly SMS Packages.

1. Telenor International SMS Packages:

Text messaging has never been more practical. Stay in touch with friends and family by activating the 15 Day Economy SMS Bundle. By dialing *345*115# you can get 800 SMS for 15 days only for Rs 17 incl tax

With this comprehensive three-day solution, enjoy SMS, the Internet, and both on- and off-net calls.

Dial *5*3# to activate

  • Internet 50MB + 100MB for WhatsApp, Twitter & Facebook
  • On net 250 Minutes
  • Off Net 25 Minutes
  • mingling and having fun More With 24/7 access to Facebook and WhatsApp, Se Zyada

Dial *311#

  • Internet 70 MB
  • Validity 1 day

2. Telenor Monthly SMS Packages Code:

No telecom wants to lose its consumers, and Telenor is no exception. To keep its users on the network, the company offers a variety of monthly phone, SMS, and internet packages.

In this article we have provided all necessary details for package activation, such as: on net minutes, free SMS, MBs, price and sms package codes. Even if clients find a way to quit, Telenor has a plan to win them back with its “Telenor Sim Lagao Offer.”

On SIM activation, users receive 3000 On-Net minutes and 3000 MBs of data for the following 60 days.

Package Free SMS On net minutes Off net minutes Free MBs Validity Price


Telenor easy card 1000 10000 7000 600 18000 30 days Rs 900

Dial *248#

Telenor monthly easy card 850 5000 5000 400 12000 30 days Rs 720

Dial *80#

Telenor monthly easy card 700 3000 3000 250 8000 30days Rs 565

Dial *530#

Telenor monthly easy card 550 500 750 70 3000 30 days Rs 478

Dial *350#

Telenor mahana rakhwala package 3000 3000 ___ 300 30 days Rs 418

Dial *345*30#

Telenor social all in one package ___ 250 25 100 30 days Rs 130

Dial *572#

Telenor monthly SMS bundle 10000 ___ ___ 10000 30 days Rs 60

Dial *345*363#

3. Telenor Postpaid SMS Packages:

Telenor offers SMS packages for all their prepaid as well as postpaid customers. These Telenor postpaid SMS packages are limited but fulfill the specific requirements of the customers.

Package Free SMS Validity Subscription Price
SMS bundle 3 7000 30 days *345*763# Rs 305 incl tax
SMS bundle 2 700 30 days *345*762# Rs 100 incl tax
SMS bundle 1 300 30 days *345*761# Rs 50 incl tax

4. Telenor Weekly SMS Packages:

For a wide range of customers, Telenor has some of the best weekly SMS deals. Telenor has a package for everyone, ranging in price from Rs 7 to Rs 170.

Telenor has you covered whether you’re looking for text-only plans or want additional deals like internet and voice options.

To get the best packages based on your preferences and filters, you may browse our listings of Telenor Weekly SMS packages or use our Plan Finder.

Package Free sms On net minutes Off net minutes Free Mbs  Validity Price
Telenor weekly SMS bundle 2000 ___ ___ ___ 7 days Rs 17
Telenor sahulat mini offer 200 200 20 100 7 days Rs 75
Telenor sahulat haftawaar package 700 1000 70 100 7 days Rs 120
Telenor weekly easy card 160 ___ 1000 50 1500 7 days Rs 135
Telenor mega plus weekly easy card 5000 5000 100 24000 7 days Rs 260
Telenor weekly easy card extreme 7500 7500 200 40000 7 days Rs 300

5. Telenor Free SMS Packages:

Get 240 SMS for free over the course of a day (24 hours) by dialing *345*116#.

The following SMS offer is free, however GST, FED, and AIT (taxes) will still be charged. Keep this in mind. Therefore, in order to activate the free offer, the user needs Rs 4.78.

The deal genuinely costs nothing, but a little tax of 4.78 rupees will be applied. So keep in mind that in 2022 you will have to pay a free rupee to subscribe to “Telenor Free SMS Code.” For more information, see Telenor packages.

How to check telenor sms packages?

In order to check Telenor SMS packages, you can either access their website which will provide you with all the details. Also in order to check the validity of the SMS package you can dial *111# and check the remaining amount of SMS. charges are 0.20 +tax.


How to get 10 free SMS on Telenor?

You can’t subscribe to only 10 free sms, instead you can opt for 240 sms for a nominal charge of Rs 4.78 incl tax by dialing *345*116#.

How to get free SMS Weekly on Telenor?

The *345*116# Free SMS Code from Telenor provides 240 free SMS. This package, which utilizes prepaid SIM cards, is accessible throughout all of Pakistan, including the federal territory and provinces.

How do I activate my weekly SMS package?

Text messaging has never been more practical. Stay in touch with friends and family by activating the Weekly SMS Bundle. Only the My Telenor App and the website are required to activate the offer.

In order to activate dial *345*117# and you will subscribe to the weekly SMS bundle that gives 2000 SMS for only Rs 17 incl tax.