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Telenor is one of the biggest telecommunication networks in Pakistan. Telenor provides Internet packages which include daily, weekly and monthly packages.

Every package varies according to price, validity and MBs its offers. All Internet packages are devised considering the needs of the consumers.

1. Telenor Daily Internet Package:

Telenor has devised packages for all its customers. The Telenor daily internet package provides a daily 3g/4g bundle at Rs 12/day.

The telenor basic 4g/3g package provides a 75MB internet package for WhatsApp and Facebook.

Package Price Volume Validity Activation code Deactivation code
Telenor 3g/4g bundle Rs 12 50 MB 1 day *345*141*# automatic
Telenor 3g/4g basic bundle Rs 15 75 MB 1 day *345*131*# automatic
Telenor 3g/4g 3 days bundle Rs 35 200 MB + 200MB free for facebook 3 days *345*133# automatic

2. Telenor Weekly Internet Packages:

Telenor weekly bundles provide the best internet subscriptions for customers who don’t want to renew their deals everyday.

package price volume validity activation deactivation
Telenor 3g/4g weekly bundle Rs 75 750MB + 500MB 7 days *345*134# automatic
Telenor weekly plus bundle Rs 100 1200 MB 7 days *345*164# automatic
Weekly ultra plus Rs 240 20GB 7 days *225# automatic
Weekly ultra Rs 185 8GB 7 days *336# automatic
Weekly super Rs 110 4000MB+2000MB 7 days *288# automatic
Late night offer Rs 50 20GB 7 days *19# automatic
Weekly 6 to 6 offer Rs 55 4000MB 7 days *71# automatic

In your daily routine, if you send messages, check Telenor SMS packages as well

3. Telenor Monthly Internet Packages:

Telenor monthly internet  packages are devised for customers who want to avail long term benefits of such deals.

Package Price Volume Validity Activation Deactivation
3g/4g starter bundle Rs 300 2250 MB 30 days *345*935# Automatic
3g/4g monthly lite Rs 150 1 GB + 1GB pocket tv 30 days *345*835# Automatic


3g/4g monthly bundle Rs 478 4000 MB 30 days *345*135# Automatic


3g/4g monthly plus bundle Rs 1195 10,500 MB 30 days *345*136# Automatic


Telenor punjab internet offer Rs 35 300MB + 300MB facebook 30 days *345*163# Automatic


4. Telenor Monthly Data Package:

The Telenor monthly data package runs on one motto, “pay big, and get big”.

Package Price Volume Validity Activation Deactivation
4G monthly lite Rs 1500 25GB 1 month *345*1001# Automatic
4G monthly smart Rs 2200 55GB 1 month *345*1002# Automatic
4G monthly value Rs 3800 100GB 1 month *345*1003# Automatic
4G monthly unlimited Rs 6000 180GB 1 month *345*1004# Automatic
4G 3 month bundle Rs 4000 25GB 3 months Contact franchise Contact franchise

5. Telenor Postpaid Internet Packages:

Name Price Detail Activation code
Freedom internet 2000 Rs 2000 24GB *345#
Freedom internet 1200 Rs 1200 12GB *345#

6. Telenor Djuice Internet Packages:

Telenor offers some packages with a validation of 3 days. These are the djuice internet packages.

Package Price Details Activation code
Telenor djuice 3 day

3 ka scene offer

Rs 34 50 MB Dial *030#
Telenor djuice 15 day messaging bundle Rs 35 200MB Dial *2*2*5#
Telenor djuice 3 day on net offer Rs 36 15 MB Dial *730#

Telenor Internet Packages Codes:

Telenor internet package activation requires codes which are provided by the company for the customers ease. Some codes are given below.

Package Code
Telenor 4G daily Dial *13#
Telenor good time offer Dial *345*20#
Telenor raat din offer Dial *150#
Telenor 4G 3 day package Dial *32#
Telenor 4G weekly ultra Dial *336#
Telenor 4G weekly super Dial *288#
Telenor mega weekly easy card Dial *003#
Telenor 4G weekly internet max *19#
Telenor 4G weekly ultra plus *225#
Telenor 4G monthly ultra bundle *335#
Telenor monthly mega offer Dial *29#
Telenor monthly super offer Dial *345*169#
Telenor monthly social pack plus Dial *660#
Telenor monthly IMO offer Dial *466#


Which Telenor package is best for the internet?

Telenor mahana budget is the best internet package out there.

Internet: 3GB for whatsapp

Onnet minutes: 300

Off net minutes: 10

Price: Rs 80


Validity: 30 days

How can I get 50 GB internet access on Telenor?

You can now get 50Gb internet by subscribing to the 4G monthly ultra plus package.

Internet: 50GB

Validity: 30 days

Activation: *303#

How can I get 5 GB in Telenor?

There is no other way but the telenor sim lagao offer. If you re-insert your sim after a few days, you are automatically eligible for 5GB data.

Internet: 10GB

Validity: 30 days

Free of cost

Activation code: *2222#

How can I subscribe to Telenor 20 GB?

You can get 20 GB data through the 4G weekly ultra plus package.

Internet: 20GB

Validity: 7 days

Price: 240 Rs

Activation code: *225#

How can I get 1gb on Telenor?

In order to enjoy the free WhatsApp and free Facebook offers just dial *331# or *5*325# or you will accept 1 Gb free internet offer for free only on Facebook and free Whatsapp.