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The company boasts the broadest range of digital value-added services. She is the first SMS business owner in the country to provide inexpensive jazz packages and jazz Wi-Fi networks.

Thanks to Jazz Cash, which also enables 6 million people, sending and receiving money has never been simpler.

If you are dissatisfied with your network, need a new one, and want to take the initiative, we believe it is time to try your luck in jazz in order to make sure that you are satisfied with our experience.

Jazz is and will continue to be a telecom pioneer in Pakistan. In addition to all of the network’s advantages that promote creativity, courts are also included.

The Jazz team promises their customers nothing less than outstanding service in each scenario.

Jazz Super Card Call Packages:

Jazz Super Duper and Super Duper Plus are the names given to the Jazz Super Card 600 and Jazz Super Card 1000, respectively. Each card has a one-month validity period.

Monthly Super Duper Plus is another name for this card. You paid about Rs. 889 for it, tax included, but you have to recharge for Rs. 1000.

There is an astounding 8 GB of 4G internet data included in the bundle. For jazz consumers who are ardent internet users, that is excellent.

Jazz Super Card Rs 1000 Details:

Internet 8GB
Jazz warid 4000 Minutes
Other network 200 Minutes
SMS 4000
Subscription code *707#
Unsubscription code *707*4#
Check status *707*2#
Get information *707*3#

Jazz Super Card Rs 600 Details:

Internet  3GB
Jazz warid 3000 jazz + Warid minutes
Other network 100 minutes
SMS 3000
Subscription code *706#
Check status *706*2#

Jazz Monthly Super Card Packages:

Jazz Super Duper Card & Jazz Monthly Super Duper Offer are two fantastic Jazz Super Card packages.

However, one of these bundles is the better because they are both priced at Rs. 600, with the first offering including a low volume and the other a high volume.

Jazz Super Duper Card:

Internet 2GB
On net minutes 2000 Jazz/Warid minutes
Off net minutes 150 All network minutes
SMS 2000 Free SMS
Validity 30 days
Subscribe Dial *601#
Unsubscribe *601*4#
Status *601*2#
Charges Rs 600 incl tax

Jazz Monthly Super Duper Offer:

The Jazz network’s Monthly Super Duper data bundle is one of Warid’s most well-liked offerings.

This package provides more data in volume than the last bundle while maintaining a similar pricing.

Our recommendation is that you take advantage of this deal for the full month as it is the best option for you.

Internet 5GB
On net minutes 3000 Jazz/Warid minutes
Off net minutes 150 All network minutes
SMS 3000 Free SMS
Validity 30 days
Subscribe Dial *706#
Unsubscribe *706*4#
Status *706*2#
Charges 600 incl tax

Jazz Super Card Subscription Code:

  1. Upon dialing *601# customers will be subscribed to Super Duper Card Offer for exactly 30 calendar days; the offer will expire on midnight of 30th calendar day.
  2. All free minutes will be posted at the time of subscription and will expire at 23:59 hours of the 30th calendar day.
  3. No call setup charges are applicable.
  4. Actual internet speed will depend on multiple factors like sim, device, web pages accessed, time of day, number of simultaneous users, distance from 2G/3G/4G site etc.

More than 63 million people use Jazz today, using its user-friendly services in all of Pakistan’s cities.

On a daily, weekly, fortnightly, and monthly basis, Jazz offers SMS, call, and internet packages. For each customer’s demands, there is a bundle available.

For more interesting pleasure and the best pricing, you can purchase either individual packages or combined bundles (inclusive of tax).

Jazz offers a variety of packages, some of which are particularly well-liked by customers, such as the Monthly packages.

Jazz constantly goes above and beyond to provide the best packages in a range that is within the reach of the public.


Does jazz have super card?

Yes Jazz has 2 super cards; for Rs 1000 and for Rs 600

What is jazz super offer?

  • Enjoy super fast 12 GB data along with 3000 Jazz Mins, 300 other network minutes and 3000 SMS at an unbelievable price of Rs 780 incl tax

How can I get a jazz super card?

You can visit the nearest Jazz retailer or any tuc shop and purchase your choice of jazz super card.

How much is Supercard gold?

Supercard gold is available for Rs 1099, this bundle provides 24GB of mobile data, as well as **12GB Internet + 8GB Facebook & 4GB WhatsApp