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Jazz Prepaid Internet Packages:

On this page, you can find the top Prepaid Jazz Internet packages. 

Jazz internet packages come in monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly variations, and they are all changed each month in 2023. 

Due to the merger of Mobilink and Warid operations under the Jazz name, Warid customers can also use the Jazz internet package codes to activate 4G internet on their mobile SIMs.

Ookla named Jazz 4G internet service as Pakistan’s fastest mobile internet provider. Mobilink also holds the greatest market share in the mobile telecom sector.

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages:  

Since the introduction of Jazz super 4G, the business has been offering the greatest and most dependable internet services all over the nation.

Jazz has some of the greatest internet packages that are perfect for your needs, ranging from daily bundles to affordable monthly internet bundles.

Some of the best internet packages available in the nation are supplied by the company’s outstanding monthly data offerings, such as “monthly mega plus,” “monthly supreme,” and “monthly social.”

Package  On net minutes Off net minutes Free SMS Free MBs   Price  Activation
Monthly premium 250 all network ___ ___ 25GB + 10GB for youtube Rs 620 *919#
Monthly super duper 3000  150 3000 5GB Rs 680 *706#
Monthly super plus 5000 300 5000 15GB Rs 1099 *707#
Monthly hybrid 1000 50 1000 1GB Rs 500 *430#
Monthly mega plus —– —– —– 12GB (6GB 2AM – 2PM) Rs 349 *117*30#
Monthly supreme  ___ ___ ___ 20GB (10GB 2AM-2PM) Rs 499 *117*32#

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages:

Jazz offers remarkable Jazz weekly internet bundles in addition to its interesting daily internet packages, making them perfect for a variety of prepaid users.

Thrilling offers include “weekly mega,” which offers 7 GB of internet for the entire week for just Rs. 210. (including tax).

Customers with prepaid accounts can activate this plan by calling *159# or going to the Jazz World app.

This bundle won’t be renewed automatically after it expires, unlike some daily offerings. You must use the subscription code once more or activate it through the mobile app.

Users can use their mobile device to dial *159*2# to learn how much data and packages they have left.

Package  On net minutes Off net minutes Free SMS Free MBs Price  Activation 
Weekly super max  6000 60 6000 30GB [10GB +10GB(2AM-2PM) +1OGB youtube]  Rs 299 *506#
Weekly extreme  —- —- —- 25 GB  Rs 75 *117*1#
Weekly mega —- —- —- 7GB Rs 179 *159#
Weekly super duper 1500 60 1500 3GB Rs 210 *710#
Weekly super plus 5000 70 5000 12GB (6GB 2AM-2PM) RS 285 *505#
Weekly all network 1000 60 1000 2GB Rs 192 *700#
Weekly hybrid 1000 20 1000 500MB Rs 115 *407#
Haftawaar offer 1000 50 1000 1GB Rs 120 *747#
Weekly youtube and social  —– —– —– 5GB for IMO, Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp Rs 89 *660#

Jazz Weekly 25gb Internet Packages:

Package  On net minutes Off net minutes Free SMS Free MBs Price  Activation 
Weekly super max  6000 60 6000 30GB [10GB +10GB(2AM-2PM) +1OGB youtube]  Rs 299 *506#
Weekly extreme  —- —- —- 25 GB  Rs 75 *117*1#

Jazz Daily Internet Packages:

Jazz offers a variety of daily packages to meet all of your internet requirements, such as the “daily mega package,” which gives consumers 1000 MB for the entire day for just Rs (including tax).

Customers can sign up for this daily package by dialing *117*4# on a mobile phone, or they can use the Jazz World app to take advantage of this fantastic deal.

You must re-subscribe to this bundle after 24 hours if you want it to automatically renew.

To find out how many MBs and how long your bundle will be valid, dial *117*4*2# or go to the Jazz World app.

Package On net minutes  Off net minutes Free SMS Free MBs Price Activation
Daily super 1400 50  150MB Rs 17 *212#
Daily mega  1GB Rs 27 *117*4#
Daily super plus  500 50 500 500MB Rs 28 *558#
Daily day bundle 300 300 20MB Rs 14 *340#

Jazz Postpaid Internet Packages:

The Jazz Postpaid internet bundles are listed below. The Postpaid users receive monthly invoices that reflect the chosen package.

By dialing *777# Jazz Postpaid internet bundles can be activated.

Package  Data Price 
Monthly ultimate  50GB RS 1870
Monthly super  24GB RS 1020
Monthly supreme 14GB RS 800
Monthly premium  5GB RS 500
Monthly WhatsApp 5GB RS 75
Monthly streamer 2GB RS 250

Jazz 4g Internet Packages:

Jazz, the top digital communications provider in Pakistan, is offering data plans to practically everyone.

The business is providing brand-new, fascinating data offerings for all types of users at competitive pricing, ranging from daily bundles to unique location-based offers.

Jazz has numerous daily packages that will suit all your internet needs such as “daily mega package” which offers users 1000 MB for the whole day in just Rs. 25 (including tax). 

Customers can sign up for this daily package by dialing *117*4# from their mobile device or by activating this incredible deal through the Jazz World app. 

This bundle won’t automatically renew; you’ll need to subscribe to it once again after 24 hours. Dial *117*4*2# to verify the status of your bundle, or go to Jazz.

Package  On net minutes Off net minutes Free SMS Free MBs Validity  Price  
Jazz free WhatsApp offer —– —– —– 65 1 day Rs 1.5 

Dial *225#

Jazz daily extreme —– —– —– 2000 1 day Rs 18

Dial *757#

Jazz daily WhatsApp and SMS bundle —– —– 1800 10 1 day Rs 9.6

Dial *334#

Apna shehar package  Unlimited  —– 1500 100 1 day Rs 12

Dial *229#

Jazz day bundle 300 300 20 1 day  Rs 20

Dial *340#

Jazz super plus 500 50 500 500 1 day Rs 35

Dial *558#

Jazz daily mega —– —– —– 1000 1 day Rs 35

Dial *117*4#

Jazz Device Internet Packages:

Package  Free MBs Validity  Price 
Jazz monthly internet basic package (device only) 30000 30 days Rs 1500

Dial *117*17#

Monthly regular internet package (device only) 60000 30 days Rs 1740

Dial *117*73#

Monthly internet mega (device only) 110000 30 days Rs 2087

Dial *117*36#

Monthly internet heavy (device only) 180000 30 days Rs 2609

Dial *117*74#

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages Code:

*506# Weekly super max 
*117*1# Weekly extreme 
*159# Weekly super max
*710# Weekly super duper
*505# Weekly super plus
*700# Weekly all network
*407# Weekly hybrid 
*747# Haftawaar offer
*660# Weekly social and youtube 

Jazz Mbb Internet Packages:

  1. Dial *6363# from your other contact number.
  2. Select Option 5: Subscribe to MBB Bundles.
  3. Choose your desired bundle.
  4. Confirm your bundle selection


Which jazz package is best for the internet?

With Daily Super offer, customers can enjoy 150 MB fast internet, 1440 Jazz to Jazz minutes and 50 SMS for the whole day in just Rs. 17 (incl. tax). Customers who are interested in availing this offer can dial *212# or *444# then select a super daily offer to activate this amazing offer.

How can I get 5 GB in jazz?

  1. Subscription Fee Rs.10 (Incl. Tax)
  2. Subscription Code *742#
  3. Validity 11 PM – 9 AM (for one day)
  4. Incentive 5 GB.

How can I activate jazz 30 GB monthly?

Jazz weekly internet package 30GB code:

You need to dial subscription code *506# for getting this offer.

How can I get Jazz 2 GB?

On dialing *191# customers will automatically be subscribed to the BOR offer. On every recharge of Rs. 50 and more, customers will automatically get 2 GB, 1000 Jazz Minutes and 1000 SMS for X+2 days.

How can I get jazz unlimited internet?

12 GB DATA Unlimited Jazz Mins (8AM – 6PM)

  • Subscription Fee Rs.132 (Incl.tax)
  • Subscription Code *117*14#
  • Status Code *117*14*2#
  • Validity Weekly