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Technically there is no internet code to get 80GB internet for free. There are, however, some tricks through which you can get the free 80GB data.

This article will unveil those secrets for you. You may discover the solutions to all of your queries about the jazz 80GB free internet code on this page.

The Jazz firm hasn’t given you a ticket to get 80 GB of internet for free, to start with.

Hence, it is a falsehood and all hearsay if someone provides you such a code and claims that by calling it you would receive 80 GB of free internet data.

1st Trick: (Free MBs through the JAZZ World)

The jazz world app should first be opened if you already have it installed; otherwise, you need to download it from the Google Play Store.

When launching the application, select Daily Rewards. It is necessary to claim Free MBS after clicking Daily Rewards.

You can obtain free MBS by clicking on the red box. You have until midnight to use it.3

This app offers Free MB on a daily basis, with some days offering more and some offering less.

The following day, you can use this program to receive free MBS once more.

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2nd Trick: (JAZZ sim lagao offer)

You can take advantage of this promotion if your jazz SIM hasn’t been used in 30 days.

You receive Free MBs, Free Jazz to Jazz Call Minutes, and Free SMS for 60 Days with this offer.

You receive 6 GB of internet data, 3000 jazz minutes, and 3000 SMS for 60 days with the sim lagao promotion.

You can utilize 3 GB of your available internet data for WhatsApp and the remaining 3 GB for general web browsing.

Offer Name sim lagao offer
Jazz Mins 3000
Free Internet MBs 6 GB (3GB including whatsapp data
SMS 3000
Subscription Fee Rs.0.01
Subscription Code *551#
Validity 60 days

Having said all this, there is absolutely no guarantee that the tricks/shortcuts will work for everyone. For some they might, for others they won’t.

Reason being that this service is not provided officially by the company hence, there is no code for it.

You can find more information about jazz internet packages on this page.


How to get 50 GB free internet Jazz?

For free 50 GB internet On jazz Mobilink Warid *117*9*3# just type *832# You will get 500 MB Free Internet on your Jazz sim. Type *114*6# to activate the Jazz student social bundle for free

How can I check my jazz 80 rupees package?

To Activate the Jazz Internet Package in 80 Rupees just dial *709# and enjoy 2GBs of the internet for 30 days.Subscription fees for the above package are Rs—89 inclusive of all taxes. To check the status of your Jazz 80 Rupees internet package, dial *709*2#.

How can I activate jazz 30 GB monthly?

By dialing *708# you can subscribe to JAZZ monthly max package in which you  get 30GB internet, 10000 JAZZ minutes, 500 off net minutes and 10000 SMS only for Rs 1040 +tax.