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Oppo Introduces AndesGPT Chatbot After Samsung’s Guass AI

Oppo Introduces AndesGPT Chatbot After Samsung's Guass AI

Almost all leading smartphone manufacturers are increasingly adopting generative AI and chatbots, reminiscent of ChatGPT.

Samsung recently introduced Gauss AI for its Galaxy phones, and now Oppo has revealed AndesGPT, slated to debut with the flagship Find X7 series next month.

Comprising 7 billion parameters, Oppo’s AndesGPT is structured in three tiers, akin to Google’s recently unveiled Gemini AI model. The AndesGPT models include Tiny, Turbo, and Titan AI, with progressively increasing capabilities.


Specifically, AndesGPT Tiny is composed of 7 billion parameters, while Turbo and Titan consist of 70 billion and 180 billion parameters, respectively.

According to Oppo, the Tiny model is lightweight and efficient, making it well-suited for running on consumer devices like smartphones.

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Simultaneously, the Turbo variant delivers fast responses and a balanced experience for various scenarios. The Titan model is designed for deep reasoning and handling complex tasks.

Like its AI chatbot counterparts, AndesGPT supports multiple input methods, including texts, voice, images, documents, and more. Oppo asserts that the chatbot can generate abstracts with up to 14,000 words and boasts faster response times compared to competitors.

Oppo claims that Andes can respond as quickly as 2.9 seconds, which is 2.5 times faster than industry standards.


AndesGPT introduces features such as Swapped Attention to tackle issues like first-word reasoning, a common challenge among AI models.

While Oppo’s upcoming flagship phone, the Find X7, may not incorporate all of AndesGPT’s capabilities, it is expected to include functions like generating custom wallpapers through AI, summarizing notes, generating emails, and more.

The availability of AndesGPT in the international versions of the Oppo Find X7 phones remains uncertain. Given that OnePlus is a sister company to Oppo and often shares resources, there is anticipation of a similar chatbot being integrated into OnePlus phones as well.