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Mamya Shajaffar’s Swimming Pictures in Baths of Queen Goes Viral

Mamya Shajaffar's Swimming Pictures in Baths of Queen Goes Viral

Renowned actress and model Mamya Shajaffar recently indulged in a tranquil swim at the enchanting Baths of Queen Giovanna in Sorrento, Italy. Currently vacationing with friends and her husband, Farooq Gul, Mamya shared snippets of her Italian escapade on Instagram.

The Jhok Sarkar star relished the serene atmosphere of Positano, a charming cliffside village, before stumbling upon the hidden gem that is Queen Giovanna’s bathing spot.

Mamya expressed her excitement in an Instagram post, stating that while Positano was delightful, the secret bathing spot of the queen stole the spotlight for her in Amalfi. She described the path leading to the ancient enclave that opens up to the middle of the ocean, evoking a cinematic experience.

Demonstrating her adventurous spirit, Mamya Shajaffar engaged in cliff diving and enjoyed a leisurely swim in the emerald pool of seawater surrounded by limestone cliffs at the Baths of Queen Giovanna.

Also known as Bagni della Regina Giovanna, this location boasts a picturesque view of the Bay of Naples, featuring an emerald pool enclosed by limestone cliffs and a rocky beach. Visitors can explore a nearby archaeological site, providing an excellent vantage point for breathtaking sunset views.

In the Pakistani showbiz industry, Mamya Shajaffar, also known as Maham Shahid, has risen to prominence with her impactful debut in Meesni and subsequent roles in projects like Jhok Sarkar.

Recognized for her unapologetic and sassy personality, Mamya has endeared herself to fans through her unique style and bold choices, solidifying her status as a beloved figure in the entertainment industry.

Fans are eagerly anticipating Mamya Shajaffar’s upcoming portrayal of Ruttie Jinnah in the highly anticipated web series Fatima Jinnah, where she is set to embody the role of the “Rose of Bombay.”