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Normalcy Resumes As Pakistan, Iran Ease Tension In Airspace

Normalcy Resumes As Pakistan, Iran Ease Tension In Airspace

The region witnessed a return to normal air traffic levels one day after Pakistan and Iran took steps to de-escalate tensions that had arisen following missile strikes. Sources close to the Civil Aviation Authority reported a visible increase in the number of flights entering Pakistan’s airspace, surpassing 700 per day as ties between the two nations were mended.

The de-escalation efforts followed a significant decline of 50 percent in the number of flights entering Pakistan’s airspace, a consequence of Iran’s missile strikes targeting areas within Balochistan province. The ensuing retaliatory strikes on Thursday further complicated the situation. Pakistan had recalled its ambassador, Muhammad Mudassar Tipu, from Iran in response to the attacks. However, both nations have now reached an agreement to repair the strained relations.

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On Friday, the Prime Minister’s office announced that Pakistan had opted to restore diplomatic ties with Iran, a decision reached during separate meetings of the federal cabinet and the National Security Committee (NSC). The statement from PM Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar’s office highlighted the mutual interest in returning the relationship to its pre-January 16th state, expressing openness to positive measures from the Iranian side.

During the cabinet meeting, officials provided details of the Iranian attack and Pakistan’s response. The cabinet praised the professionalism with which Pakistani forces addressed the breach of sovereignty. PM Kakar emphasized Pakistan’s commitment to lawfulness, peace, and cooperative relations with all countries, especially its neighbors.

It’s noteworthy that during the period of heightened tension, Pakistan had advised its national carrier and other airlines to steer clear of Iranian airspace. The recent developments reflect a diplomatic effort to diffuse tensions, restore normalcy, and prioritize positive relations between Pakistan and Iran.