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New iPhone 16 Pro, Pro Max Colors Revealed

New iPhone 16 Pro, Pro Max Colors Revealed

In accordance with its customary practice, Apple is gearing up to introduce fresh color options for its upcoming iPhones, and a recent leak has given us a glimpse of what to anticipate. According to information provided by the tipster ‘Majin Bu,’ the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max are in line to receive previously unseen color variants.

The leak suggests that these new iPhone models will be offered in Desert Yellow/Desert Titanium and Cement Gray/Titanium Gray color configurations. Majin Bu elaborates that the Desert Yellow shade is expected to resemble the Gold option from the iPhone 14, albeit with a “deeper and heavier” tone.

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Regrettably, there are no available renders depicting these novel colors at the moment, leaving enthusiasts to rely on their imagination until visual representations become available. The leak has sparked anticipation among Apple enthusiasts eager to witness the aesthetic enhancements brought about by these distinctive color options, which have become a notable feature in the tech giant’s device releases over the years.