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NADRA Launches Special Helpline and Home-based NIC Issuance for Disables

NADRA Launches Special Helpline and Home-based NIC Issuance for Disables

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) in Islamabad recently took a significant stride in supporting individuals with disabilities. They have introduced a special helpline and a service that facilitates the issuance of identity cards at the homes of disabled individuals.

This recent initiative, unveiled on November 28, is geared towards streamlining the process of obtaining a national identity card (NIC) for people with disabilities, making it more convenient and accessible.

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A public relations officer from NADRA emphasized that the Special Helpline 1777 is designed as a comprehensive resource for disabled individuals. It provides detailed information and guidance on various NADRA services, including the procedure for obtaining an NIC at home.

The helpline is staffed with dedicated personnel ready to assist with any questions or concerns.

Moreover, the home-based NIC issuance service is specifically crafted for individuals with disabilities who encounter difficulties in visiting NADRA registration centers. This service involves NADRA officials conducting home visits to collect necessary documents, capture biometric data, and ultimately issue the NICs. This approach ensures that individuals, irrespective of their physical abilities, can access essential identity documents.