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My Father Left Us and Never Returned: Kanwal Aftab Shares Childhood Trauma

My Father Left Us and Never Returned: Kanwal Aftab Shares Childhood Trauma

Pakistan’s TikTok sensation Kanwal Aftab recently opened up about a deeply personal aspect of her life in a vlog, revealing details about her father’s absence and the impact it had on her upbringing. During a Q&A session with her husband Zulqarnain Sikandar on their YouTube channel, Kanwal addressed a fan question about her father.

“I usually don’t talk about my father because it makes me emotional,” Kanwal shared, acknowledging the sensitivity of discussing family matters, particularly those involving past trauma. She disclosed that her parents divorced when she was in the third grade, and her father left their family abruptly, never returning. The separation had a significant impact on her education as well; without financial support from her father, she faced difficulties and even got expelled from school due to unpaid fees.
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Despite the rift caused by her parents’ divorce, Kanwal expressed gratitude that her mother and maternal uncles always supported her desire to maintain a relationship with her father. She continues to meet him, although he prefers to stay out of the spotlight and has never appeared in her social media content.

Kanwal Aftab, known for her engaging presence on TikTok, married Zulqarnain Sikandar, also a popular TikToker, in 2021. They welcomed their daughter into the world last year, marking another significant chapter in Kanwal’s personal journey amidst her thriving career in social media.