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More Than 100 Girls’ Schools Are Now Operational in South Waziristan

More Than 100 Girls' School Are Now Operational in South Waziristan

In South Waziristan district, an official has reported that out of the 290 government schools designated for girls, 130 have been successfully activated to serve local students.

Ghulam Fatima, the district education officer, revealed that these schools had long been non-functional. Upon assuming her role, she considered it a challenge and, with the assistance of tribal elders, succeeded in making all these schools operational.

In the current academic year, over 8,000 students have enrolled in these state-run schools.

Ms. Fatima is committed to tackling absenteeism and ensuring effective teaching and learning activities within public sector schools in the district. She warned that school administrators found keeping campuses closed without valid reasons would face stringent departmental action.

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Ms. Fatima also mentioned that a significant amount, exceeding Rs21 million, was deducted from the salaries of absentee employees. Approximately 30 individuals were either removed or compelled to retire, while two officials were demoted, and annual increments of 246 staff members were halted on disciplinary grounds to address absenteeism.

Encouraging tribal communities, Ms. Fatima emphasized the fundamental right of girls to receive education and urged parents to send their daughters to school.

The regional police officer, Qasim Ali Khan, extended congratulations to the newly-promoted officials, highlighting that the promotions were made based on merit by the departmental promotion committee.

In a separate incident, a police raid in the Begukhel locality of Lakki city resulted in the arrest of six gamblers. Acting on a tip about gambling activities in a proclaimed offender’s hideout, police found that the individuals were betting on cards.

Although the proclaimed offender had escaped, the six gamblers were identified as Abdul Muqtadar, Abdul Rehman of Abakhel, Zainullah, Khalid Anwar, Abdul Rehman of Chowkijand, and Sanaullah. They were apprehended and taken to the City police station, where authorities confiscated three Kalashnikovs, two rifles, a repeater gun, a pistol, 18 magazines, and bullets from the arrested individuals.