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Mayo Hospital Plans To Initiate Robotic Surgery Soon

Mayo Hospital Plans To Initiate Robotic Surgery Soon

King Edward Medical University (KEMU) has submitted a project proposal (PC-I) to the Punjab Health Department, aiming to introduce robotic surgery at Mayo Hospital, utilizing minimally invasive techniques. This initiative aims to position Mayo Hospital as the first public teaching institution in the province to offer this advanced treatment option, boasting a purported “100% success rate” for patients.

Previously, the Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) in Karachi pioneered the use of robotic technology, conducting over 1,500 urology-related robotic surgeries since 2012. An official familiar with the matter indicates that this effort aligns with recent reforms led by the provincial government, spearheaded by Maryam Nawaz, to modernize public sector medical institutions, akin to practices observed in neighboring countries like India.

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Mayo Hospital has recruited two highly skilled robotic surgeons—Dr. Usman Ismail Butt and Dr. Umar Warraich—from the private sector, alongside a robotic surgery technician named Abdul Rehman, for this initiative. A new BS-17 position was created to appoint Mr. Rehman via the Punjab Public Service Commission.

The transition to robotic surgery signifies a significant advancement in medical practice, offering patients a minimally invasive alternative to traditional procedures. In recent years, private healthcare facilities in Lahore alone have conducted over 450 robotic surgeries, boasting a 100% success rate.

This initiative aims to provide high-precision, cost-effective procedures within the public sector. The introduction of advanced robotic equipment, such as the CMR Surgical Robotic System, in the private health sector has expanded the range of procedures that can be performed.

KEMU Vice Chancellor, Prof. Mahmood Ayyaz, and his team have played a pivotal role in advancing this project. Their expertise, honed in the private sector, has garnered widespread acclaim, attracting patients not only from Pakistan but also from Afghanistan and India.

The Mayo Hospital project aims to offer robotic procedures across various specialties including general surgery, gynecology, and urology, distinguishing it from SIUT’s focus solely on urology. Surgeries involving gallbladder, appendix, intestines, uterus, ovaries, prostate, and kidneys are among those planned.

The anticipated initiative holds promise for producing a cohort of highly trained young surgeons, leveraging the diverse departments and qualified FCPS medics at the institute.

Robotic surgery offers numerous benefits for patients, including reduced pain and scarring, lower risk of complications, expedited recovery, unparalleled accuracy, minimal blood loss, and favorable surgical outcomes.