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Health Expert Identifies Two Rapidly Spreading Cancers in Pakistan

Health Expert Identifies Two Rapidly Spreading Cancers in Pakistan

Dr. Khalid Bukhari, Medical Superintendent of Dr. Ruth KM Pfau Civil Hospital, disclosed that head and neck cancers are swiftly proliferating in Pakistan, particularly in Karachi. He revealed that Civil Hospital receives two to three head and neck cancer patients daily, highlighting the global statistic of one death per hour from this ailment.

This information was shared during the inaugural session of an awareness campaign organized in collaboration with the Civil Hospital ENT Unit Two, Dow Medical College, and the Tumor Board Establishment Facilitation Forum (TEFF). Notable speakers at the session included Prof. Shuja Farrukh, Prof. Zeba Ahmed, Prof. Sadaf Zia, and TEFF President Dr. Nimrata Kumari, with a significant turnout of medical professionals in attendance.

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Dr. Bukhari stressed the critical need for awareness campaigns, especially in suburban hospitals and among general practitioners, to ensure early diagnosis and treatment initiation. Prof. Farrukh expressed concern over late-stage diagnoses, attributing them to habits like betel leaf chewing and naswar usage. He applauded TEFF’s awareness initiatives and discussed treatment options.

Dr. Sadaf highlighted risk factors such as smoking and poor diet, urging prompt medical consultation for symptoms like difficulty swallowing or voice changes. Prof. Zeba underscored the importance of early detection for mouth cancer, emphasizing the responsibility of medical professionals in raising awareness and advocating for regular awareness campaigns.

Dr. Nimrata Kumari, head of TEFF, stressed the necessity of continuous cancer awareness efforts. TEFF conducts various awareness campaigns, including those for pediatric, colorectal, breast, and gynecological cancers. Dr. Khalid Bukhari inaugurated the campaign, followed by a cake-cutting ceremony.