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Man Fall from Chairlift: Incident in KP

In an incident reported on Wednesday, a man plunged into the Panjkora River after the chairlift’s rope snapped in Akhagram Tehsil. Following the mishap, two children were left stranded on the malfunctioning chairlift.

Rescue officials at the scene revealed that the contact bridge was washed away in the flood, highlighting the community’s heavy reliance on the chairlift for local transportation.

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A dedicated rescue operation was promptly initiated to safely retrieve the trapped children. It’s noteworthy that a successful rescue operation occurred last year when three individuals were stranded in a cable car over the Chitral River.

This recent incident, near the Koragh spot, prompted a swift response from Rescue 1122 after a snapped rope left the chairlift stranded. Using rappelling equipment, a rescue official skillfully reached the chairlift, securing it with a new rope. The rescue team carefully pulled the cable car back to the shore, ensuring the safety of everyone involved.