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E-Passport Fee Details In January 2024 Pakistan

E-Passport Fee Details In January 2024 In Pakistan

The Directorate General Immigration & Passports in Islamabad has introduced the e-Passport, a highly secure travel document designed to facilitate hassle-free immigration at airports for citizens. This innovative passport incorporates an electronic chip embedded in one of its pages, dedicated to storing essential biometric information about the passport holder. This chip encompasses data for verifying the identity of the passport holder, including biometrics, personal information from the passport’s data page, a unique identification number, and a digital signature.

Distinguished by its contactless (NFC) chip, the e-passport allows for electronic reading, enhancing efficiency and security. Pakistani e-Passport holders now enjoy the convenience of utilizing the e-gate facility at airports worldwide, streamlining the immigration process and overcoming challenges present in the existing manual system. The introduction of e-Passports also facilitates online application processing for Pakistani applicants.

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The e-Passport is available in two categories: 36-page and 72-page options. For the 36-page e-Passport with a five-year validity period, the normal fee is set at Rs9,000, while the urgent fee for the same passport is Rs15,000. For the 36-page e-Passport with a ten-year validity period, the normal fee is Rs13,500, and the urgent fee is Rs22,500.

Additionally, the 72-page e-Passport with a five-year validity period carries a normal fee of Rs16,500, with an urgent fee of Rs27,000. This fee structure provides flexibility to applicants based on the validity period and the urgency of obtaining the e-Passport. These measures mark a significant step toward modernizing travel documents, aligning with global standards, and ensuring a smoother experience for Pakistani passport holders.