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Latest Update About Technical Issues In Passport Issuance In Pakistan

Latest Update About Technical Issues In Passport Issuance In Pakistan

The issuance of Pakistani passports was temporarily halted nationwide for over two hours due to a technical glitch in the system connected with the NADRA database. The interruption caused frustration among applicants, as the system failed to upload their information. After resolving the issue and integrating the system with the NADRA database, the suspension was lifted, providing relief to applicants.

This incident occurred shortly after the Director General of Immigration and Passports revised passport delivery times, citing various reasons, including thorough vetting by immigration authorities. The new delivery times are as follows: up to 21 working days for a normal passport, 5 days for an urgent passport, and 2 days for a passport processed through the fast-track system.

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Previously, applicants could receive their passports in 10 days (normal category), 4 days (urgent category), and 2 days (fast-track category). The passport application hours were specified as 8 A.M to 01 PM, with Friday office hours extended till 12 Noon.

For passport-related complaints, applicants were advised to contact the Prime Minister’s Citizen’s portal or the helpline (051-111-344-777).

While the department cited the need for thorough examination as a reason for delays in passport issuance, a surge in the number of applicants has also contributed to processing challenges. Reports suggest that more citizens are seeking to leave the country in pursuit of better opportunities due to economic difficulties.