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Latest Remarks By Imran Khan About Pakistan And Iran Airstrikes

Imran Khan’s Latest Remarks About Pak Iran Airstrikes

He voiced his concerns about the escalating tensions between Pakistan and Iran, criticizing the individual responsible for putting their country in such a precarious position. These remarks were made during an interaction with the media at Adiala Jail.

Imran Khan recalled Shah Mahmood Qureshi’s assurance of complete cooperation with Afghanistan during his tenure as the foreign minister. However, during Bilawal Bhutto’s term in the same position, there was no visit to Afghanistan. He emphasized the importance of cooperation for achieving counterterrorism goals in Afghanistan.

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Reflecting on his visit to Iran as the prime minister, Imran Khan mentioned meeting the Supreme Leader. He questioned the wisdom of damaging relations with Iran and whether it serves Pakistan’s interests.

Imran Khan criticized the Pakistan Peoples Party’s (PPP) approach to Iran, suggesting that instead of escalating tensions, efforts should be directed towards diffusing the situation.

The ousted prime minister highlighted the challenges faced by the country due to the postponement of elections, expressing the belief that holding elections in October would have led to stability. He accused the PPP of manipulating the electoral process to prevent PTI from coming to power, asserting that a caretaker prime minister would not take concrete actions.

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Discussing his time in jail, Imran Khan mentioned having access to only one TV channel that airs propaganda. While he used to watch sports on TV, he stopped doing so after the World Cup. He emphasized that he dedicates about one and a half hours every morning to exercise and reads the Quran three times a day. Despite the difficulties of jail life, he expressed gratitude for the opportunity to read books and engage in solitary worship.

Imran Khan commented on the transformative aspect of imprisonment, providing individuals with the opportunity to think and read. He disclosed reading the biography of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) while in jail, emphasizing that gaining control over one’s desires eliminates difficulties.