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Lahore Inaugurates Its First Double-Story Underpass

Lahore Inaugurates Its First Double-Story Underpass

Punjab Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi inaugurated the commencement of construction for Pakistan’s first double-story underpass near Barkat Market in Garden Town. The underpass, named ‘Rustam e Zaman The Great Gamma Crossing,’ pays tribute to national hero and world champion Gamma Pehlawan.

It marks a significant infrastructure project, with a level 1 underpass extending 700 meters from Barkat Market to Canal Road and a level 2 underpass covering 1.4 km from Jinnah Hospital to Barkat Market. The simultaneous construction of dual underpasses by the CBD team of Punjab aims to address traffic issues in the region.

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Naqvi emphasized the project’s positive impact on traffic flow, benefiting areas such as Barkat Market, Canal Road, Jinnah Hospital, and Iqbal Town. Nespak, responsible for the project’s design, has outlined a plan to include U-turns at Bhekewal Mor and Canal Road. The Chief Minister expressed optimism about completing the project ahead of schedule, aiming for a 3-4 month timeline rather than the projected six months. He highlighted the anticipated benefits, including time and fuel savings resulting from the project’s successful completion and the removal of traffic obstacles.