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Khawar Maneka Accuses Imran Khan of Ruining His Happily Married Life

Khawar Maneka Accuses Imran Khan of Ruining His Happily Married Life

In a surprising turn of events this Monday, Khawar Farid Maneka, the ex-husband of Bushra Bibi, dropped some heavy accusations against former Prime Minister Imran Khan. He claimed that Khan played a role in the breakdown of their 28-year marriage and alleged manipulation of the divorce proceedings to fast-track his marriage to the former first lady.

Maneka spilled the beans, sharing that ‘Pinki’ (Bushra Bibi) had moved out of their home six months before the divorce and set up residence in Pakpattan city, Punjab. While expressing a desire to patch things up, Maneka disclosed that even his mom was skeptical of Imran Khan’s character and encouraged him to bring Bushra back.

According to Maneka, Khan would show up at his place uninvited, and he wasn’t too thrilled about his ex-wife’s interactions with the PTI chief. Recounting a particular incident, Maneka revealed that during one such visit, he had to ask Khan to leave, enlisting the help of household staff to ensure a smooth exit.

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In a candid interview with a private news channel, a visibly distressed Maneka accused Farhat Shahzadi, aka Farah Gogi, of pressuring him to divorce Bushra Bibi. He claimed that feeling frustrated and sensing the marriage’s impending doom, he divorced the ex-first lady on November 14, 2017, with the written divorce being sent through Gogi.

In a bombshell revelation, Maneka asserted that Gogi, via text, requested him to change the divorce date to accommodate Imran Khan’s nikkah ceremony with Bushra Bibi on January 1, 2018.

When asked about his earlier public endorsements of Bushra Bibi’s character, Maneka defended himself, stating he believed the relationship between a ‘Murshid’ (spiritual guru) and Mureed (devotee) was sacred.

Maneka also accused Imran Khan’s confidante Zulfi Bukhari and Farah Gogi of intimidating him to keep quiet about the PTI chief. He claimed that Farah conveyed that Imran was now their “devotee” and the future prime minister.

When probed about benefiting from the marriage after Imran became prime minister, Maneka’s response was less than satisfying, asserting his belonging to a well-known political family.

Attempting to dispel perceptions of a close relationship with former Punjab chief minister Usman Buzdar, Maneka shared an incident about seeking Buzdar’s help with issues related to Baba Fareed’s shrine, where he serves as a trustee. However, he mentioned that Buzdar refused, and he was subsequently warned by Farah Gogi not to establish contact with Buzdar.

In a heartfelt disclosure, Maneka opened up about the toll on his family, especially his 14-year-old daughter, who deeply misses her mother.