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Kapil Sharma Criticizes Indigo For Flight Issues

Kapil Sharma Criticizes Indigo For Flight Issues

Prominent Bollywood comedian Kapil Sharma expressed dissatisfaction with IndiGo airline on Wednesday evening, criticizing the alleged flight delay and the airline’s handling of passengers, including those requiring wheelchairs. Sharma, taking to social media, accused the country’s largest commercial airline of continuous deception. He claimed that passengers were made to wait for nearly an hour in a shuttle bus, with the excuse that the pilot was stuck in traffic.

Sharma shared visuals of passengers engaged in a dispute with airline ground staff, attempting to communicate with a senior official. In his message to IndiGo, he conveyed frustration about the prolonged wait and the airline’s explanation for the delay.

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He questioned the credibility of IndiGo, stating that the scheduled takeoff was at 8 pm, but by 9:20 pm, there was still no pilot in the cockpit. He expressed doubts about the affected passengers choosing to fly with IndiGo again.

Later, Sharma provided an update with visuals of passengers deplaning, noting that they were being told to board another aircraft, but they had to return to the terminal for a security check. He criticized IndiGo for causing inconvenience to passengers, including those in wheelchairs and in poor health.