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UAE’s Visa Center To Open In Karachi

UAE's Visa Center To Open In Karachi

Stressing the UAE’s unwavering commitment to supporting Pakistan in challenging times, the official announced the establishment of a special visa center to assist the sizable Pakistani population in the UAE. Speaking at the Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI) meeting, the official underscored the potential for joint ventures and increased collaboration between the two nations.

Expressing eagerness to boost bilateral trade and facilitate Pakistan’s exports, the envoy highlighted the significant contribution of the Pakistani community in the UAE. The proposal to directly register Pakistani companies with the Emirates Ministry of Foreign Affairs for enhanced bilateral trade was also mentioned.

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The announcement of the special visa center is welcomed by Pakistanis, offering expedited and convenient visa processing. Earlier this year, the UAE inaugurated Asia’s largest visa center in Karachi, providing consular services aligned with international best practices. With 11 counters for public convenience, the center issues 200 UAE visas daily.

Notably, the UAE hosts the world’s second-largest Pakistani expatriate community. Remittances from the UAE to Pakistan in fiscal year 2022 amounted to $2555.22 million, reflecting the significant Pakistani workforce contributing to various sectors. The strong ties between Pakistan and the UAE, based on shared Muslim identity, have seen the UAE supporting Pakistan during economic crises through soft loans and other measures.