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Journalist Imran Riaz Khan Arrested Once Again

Journalist Imran Riaz Khan Arrested Once Again

Pakistani journalist Imran Riaz Khan has reportedly been taken into custody from his Lahore residence, according to initial reports. Details regarding the latest arrest remain undisclosed. Notably, Khan, a prominent journalist with a substantial social media following, resumed vlogging recently, garnering millions of followers and solidifying his status as one of the country’s foremost journalists.

It is worth noting that during his last arrest, Imran Riaz Khan went missing for an extended period without information about his whereabouts. Upon his recovery, the Sialkot police confirmed his safe location and reunion with his family. However, specific details about the journalist’s recovery location were not disclosed by the police.

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The journalist’s initial arrest occurred at Sialkot airport in May 2023 while he was en route to Oman. Subsequent to his arrest on May 11, the 47-year-old journalist conveyed his concerns about the diminishing freedom of speech in the country through a video message posted on X, formerly known as Twitter. In the message, he highlighted feeling compelled into silence amid growing constraints on freedom of expression.